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Repurposed Designer Jewellery


Who would have thought that repurposed designer jewellery will give off that extraordinary charm and sophistication to its wearer? Yes, it’s true. You can have that bewitching visage with The Vintage Secret’s repurposed vintage treasures such as jewellery, buttons, and bag charms. Let our repurposed collection of authentic and repurposed jewellery like earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and more accentuate your natural beauty—from your ears down to your hands—and complement whatever outfit you’re wearing.

That’s the beauty of repurposed jewellery. Breathing a new life to classic pieces and showing them off in their new incarnation. Check out the collection of The Vintage Secret has and be amazed at the creativity and ingenuity that went in to every little trinket and bauble. That’s because they’re all created by our talented craftsmen whose experience and expertise in crafting jewellery have made them as valuable as the jewels they work on.

Perfect Pieces For Any Occasion

Get all glammed up without being tacky with the perfect pieces of repurposed designer jewellery only from The Vintage Secret. We’re proud of our re-creations that we can easily provide you with something old yet something new. Perfect pieces for any occasion like weddings, engagements, birthdays, anniversaries, reunions, date nights, and the like. Give them something to dazzle at, with exquisite detail on a par with the original designs of the jewellery, you’re sure to hit a homerun from admirers and jewellery lovers alike. They’ll even wonder if it’s part of a new collection they didn’t know or hear about!

Our re-designed pieces from authentic vintage components give a novel twist to the repurposed jewellery that will make everyone double take, from semi-fine jewellery of classic high quality gold filled and gold vermeil pieces to authentic pieces from brands like Balenciaga to Yves Saint Laurent. We use
gold and silver plated chains and findings so our pieces can be affordable yet high quality. Yes, affordable enough that you can choose something to wear to any occasion.

Make a Statement

More than just being fashionable, wearing jewellery lets your individuality stand out, especially when it’s something as original as a repurposed designer jewellery. Yes, by wearing something from The Vintage Secret, you make a statement for sustainability, of being eco-friendly. A repurposed jewellery uses recycled materials to produce distinctive and unique pieces just like what we have in The Vintage Secret. We breathe new life to pre-loved authentic designer jewellery allowing everyone to own their very own luxury vintage treasure in a sustainable fashion at an affordable price.

The Vintage Secret has a wide collection of repurposed jewellery that perfectly matches any occasion (and any outfit for that matter). Having said that, you can definitely stand out and be the centre of attention, wearing a statement jewellery that’s definitely a notch better than others—without costing you an arm and a leg. Give us a call today!

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